Friday, January 30, 2015


It has been a while since I've had time to post.

In fact, I don't really have time to be doing it now...but my neglected blog just looks too sad for me to ignore it any longer.

I haven't given up on this thing.  In fact, I even bought a domain!  Not sure when I'll deal with that, though.  I still have plans for this blog--I even have several post series ideas--but I just haven't had much free time.

My Etsy shop has taken off.  Which is fantastic!  Almost exactly six months and a grand into it, I turned my first profit over Thanksgiving weekend, and I've had very steady sales for the last three months.  I am so grateful that it's come along so smoothly, and I'm finding that I love what I'm doing.  I love making these ribbon tag blankets and dinosaurs, and I have ideas for future products (some of which are in early stages of production); I also love, perhaps just as much, running a business, which is something I hadn't really thought about.  I love figuring out how to stay organized and on top of stocking my products, I love preparing packages and getting them on their way to customers, and I love, love, love hearing from fellow geeky parents who are using my products to share their passions with their kids.  It's been so much fun, and I'm so glad that I took the plunge back in May to open my shop with just a handful of TARDIS and pirate items.

But my Etsy venture has certainly kept me busy.  One of the things I love about it is that, because I only list already-made, ready-to-ship items, I can set my own pace...but I find that I keep shooting for the stars!  At the moment, all of my "typical" products are listed, but I don't have a limited edition satin TARDIS blanket up, I haven't even started sewing the limited edition satin "Serenity" crew blankets (I've had the satin for months), there are currently five things listed that I don't have a back-up on hand to relist immediately, I have fabric for a new "Firefly" design that I haven't started on, and I have fabric purchased but uncut for two new lines of products (plushes!!).  Every time I catch up on one thing, there's something else calling, and as a result, I spend every naptime and every evening after kids' bedtime cutting, pinning, sewing, stuffing....

Not only have I not had time to blog lately, but I also feel like I haven't had time to do anything blog-worthy.  I can't post a new recipe unless I've had time to bake and take pictures of the process.  I can't post a new craft tutorial when the only things I've been crafting are what I sell.  I can't blog about something new until I do something new, and I haven't done anything new in ages.

I truly mean to take a break once I've "caught up".  I feel like I'm almost there.  I've really done some work to streamline the process of stocking my products, so I do feel like there will be a time, soon, when I can work without the sense of urgency I feel now.  And when that time comes, I intend to set a goal of doing something once a week worth blogging about, and blogging once a week about it.

In the meantime, though, I expect it will stay pretty quiet over here.  If you've only just stumbled upon my little blog, or haven't followed it for long, then now is a great time to peruse the recipes or craft tutorials I've posted in the past!  I promise, there will be more soon.  Well, soonish.... :-P