Tuesday, September 2, 2014

The Chex Mix.

[Originally posted here on August 5, 2014.]

Anyone else counting down the days till Dragon*Con? I got my "progress report" in the mail last week and drooled over it for half an hour. Most excited for: Amy Acker! She was scheduled for the Whedonverse and "Dollhouse" panels I attended last year, but had to cancel at the last minute (due to illness, I believe). Super excited to get to see her this year (*fingers crossed she remains in good health*)! Biggest disappointment: NO WALKING DEAD. I mean, NONE. Last year, the stars of the show were scheduled for four panels over the weekend, one each day of the con, and even though I was a full season behind (damn you, Netflix), I decided to go despite the inevitable major spoilers. Wil and I waited in line for nearly two hours for the first panel (on Friday); once everyone was in and seated, we got word that the cast was running late....and half an hour later, it was determined that they would not make it at all. But it was early in the con....surely I could catch them later, right? I had scheduling conflicts the following two days, so I tried again on Monday....to the same result. Seriously, they made it to the two I couldn't go to, and ditched the two panels I did--BOTH of them! And this year, we've actually had cable, so I watched season four live, and I was so looking forward to being able to enjoy the panels without spoilers. But NO ONE from WD is on the list in the progress report--and the show's freaking filmed IN ATLANTA!! GAH! So. Disappointing.

Anyway....now that that's out of the way, I'm cheating a little on this post. I'm sharing an awesome recipe that isn't mine, but it's just too good not to urge you to try it....

You've probably seen it on Pinterest: "Better Than Sex" Chex Mix.

I think it really is....

I did make a couple changes:

First, the recipe only calls for one cup of mini Reese's cups. Like that's enough chocolate candy. (Psh.) I've made this three times, and added a cup of Rolos or mini Rolos every time, and let me tell you, it is sooo worth it. I've considered adding M&Ms, too...or chunks of Heath bars...or Butterfingers....It's a very customizeable recipe, so go ahead, add your own favorite candies! (Also, I omit the sea salt.)

Second, I am utter crap at melting chocolate. Even when I follow the directions to a T, I still end up burning it. Doesn't matter how often I stir it, it still burns. So I use the double boiler method, without a real double boiler: I fill my smallest pot halfway with water, put it on medium heat till it boils and then turn it down to simmer, and balance my next-biggest pot on top of it with the chocolate dumped in. It takes longer, I'm sure, but at least I don't burn endless cups of chocolate chips that I'd rather eat than waste!

All in all, it's kind of a royal pain to make, but it's soooo goooooood that you'll make it again anyway.

Is your mouth watering yet?

And, of course, I have to tell you about the first time I made this. I'd stumbled upon the recipe on Pinterest and was looking for an excuse to make it shortly after we'd moved to Atlanta for my husband's job. He works for a missions organization, so, naturally, most of his coworkers are current or former missionaries and church planters. And, naturally, my first opportunity to make this inappropriately-named dessert was for a work get-together....I kept my mouth shut as everyone dug in, but I'd made the mistake of mentioning to my husband what it was called, so after hearing a few exclamations of how good this stuff was, he turned to me and loudly asked, "What's this called again?" In a room full of missionaries. Whom I barely knew. I turned bright red and mumbled the name under my breath, but, alas, he did not let me off so easy, and made me repeat it for everyone to hear. Fortunately, most Christians are actually not as uptight and prudish as you might think, and we all had a good laugh; the laughs continued as there were a couple concurrences on the truth of the name!

So, go make this Chex mix! It's amazing. Some might say it's even better than....never mind.

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