Sunday, May 18, 2014

Getting started.

[Originally posted here on January 15, 2014.]

I've been talking about starting a blog for months.  Mostly to myself.  I've had so many "that would make a great blog post idea!" moments in the last year....I've even taken process pictures of most of my craft projects--you know, "just in case" (I hope to post a few of those soon!).  But it's hard with two kids to get the ball rolling on anything that you know is going to take up time.  Free time is precious.  I have a two-and-a-half-year-old who takes one nap in the afternoon, and a six-month-old who takes two naps a day, but there are days those naps don't line up AT ALL, and I feel as though the only things I have done today is feed children and change diapers.  But on some blissful days, like this one, the naps somehow line up and I get an hour to myself.  On those days, I have to decide which thing--because I'll likely only get one--to spend my hour, sometimes two, on.  Watch an episode of whatever geeky show I'm plowing through on Netflix?  Disappear into a chapter of whichever epic fantasy I'm currently reading?  Try to make some progress on that craft I've been dying to get back to?  Squander my time in the black abyss that is Facebook and Pinterest?  Or, some days, fold laundry and try to quietly wash a few of those dishes that have been piling up?  So, naturally, blogging has never, until today, risen to the top of that list.

"You're starting a blog?  Now?!?"  My husband juuuust walked through the door, unexpectedly home early, and in one sentence I greeted him and told him what I was doing.  He gave me a look like I'm a little crazy.  "You're starting a blog?  NOW?"  Yes, now.  Even if I almost never have time to post.  Even if I forget about it for a while.  Even if, in a week's time, or a month's, or a year's, I decide this was an utter waste of time and I ought to jump ship and abandon the idea completely.  Because getting started might be the hardest part.  Maybe, once I've gotten going, I can turn some of those "great blog post idea" moments into actual blog posts.  Maybe not.  But yes, now.  Right now.  Before the excitement of actually doing it wears off (or my kids wake up).  Because I am excited.  And I'm just getting started. :-)

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