Friday, July 25, 2014

Star Wars cookies.

[Originally posted here on April 28, 2014.]

I usually get a little chunk of time with just Kaylie while Wil naps in the morning. So the other day, I thought it would be fun to bake cookies!

Cookie time!

Of course, we cheated and used the store-bought dough. (Wil's naps aren't very long sometimes! I wanted to make sure we had plenty of time for cutting out and decorating them. Plus, I'm lazy. ;-) )

These ARE the cookies cutters you're looking for.

It was a great opportunity to break out the Star Wars cookie cutters my family got me for Christmas! (Here's where you can purchase the characters set and the ships set.)

Kaylie helped cut out the shapes. I let her pick which one to use each time.

She used every single one. When you ask her what her favorite anything is these days, she almost always answers "All of them!" Same here.

Playing with the flour was her favorite part, though. That, and getting to stand on the chair (she's a little short for a Stormtrooper).

Before baking.

Here they are before we baked them!

After baking......I find your lack of shape disturbing.

They didn't retain their shape so well. Oh well.....that wasn't really the point, anyway. :-)

"Mommy let me hold the icing!"

Now for the fun part: DECORATING!! I gave each a coat of vanilla icing before letting Kaylie help draw on it with the green icing.

Chocolate chips!

Then came her favorite part: I gave her a bowl of dark chocolate, white chocolate, and caramel chips, and told her she could put six on each cookie.

"I'm gonna eat this one, Mom."

After decorating the first cookie, she asked if she could eat one of the chips, and I said yes. Then she assumed that was the rule for every six, eat one. She was just so cute that I let her (I think she Jedi mind-tricked me!).

"What's in your mouth, Kaylie?"

"What's in your mouth, Kaylie?"

See the cuteness? The Force is strong with this one.



A couple of them broke, so we only iced eight of them. You can tell she got tired of helping with the green icing before the end, hence the faces on Yoda and Darth Vader and my attempt to re-draw the TIE bomber. (I liked her chip placement on Yoda, though. That was all her. Not sure why he ended up with a third eye on his forehead, though....)

"Kaylie, smile!"  The three-year-old version of smiling is hilarious.

I made her wait to eat one, though, until after lunch.

"Mommy, help me make a Dalek!"

We had some time to kill before lunch, so Kaylie asked me to help her make a Dalek out of the stacking cups (no, I'm not kidding--that's what she calls it).

Our kid-toy versions of a Dalek and TARDIS.

Then I made a Duplo TARDIS.

Finally getting to enjoy the fruits of her labor.

I finally let her eat a whole cookie after lunch. She picked Darth Vader.

Gouging out Vader's eyes.  She's too badass to need a lightsaber....she'll just take him out with her bare hands.

She mutilated that thing before ever picking it up to take a bite!

Darth Vader didn't stand a chance.

"Would you like a bit, Mommy?" (That's okay, sweetie; Mommy already ate the TIE bomber.)

It was a very fun morning, even if our cookies did not end up looking quite like they were supposed to. That's one of the perks of doing things with a three-year-old; just about anything can be salvaged and it's just as fun! She had an absolute blast (and I got the opportunity to reinforce that Star Wars equals "fun"!). I had such a good time with my little Padawan!

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