Tuesday, June 3, 2014

That's my daughter.

[Originally posted here on February 13, 2014.]

So, most of those who know me know that I am a little....quirky. One of my "quirks" is that I like things in twos. I don't like odd numbers of stairs, I like the volume to be set on an even number, and I especially adhere to my two-rule when it comes to eating. I eat M&Ms in twos, cheese balls in twos (they have to be close to the same size, too), and even when I take bites of things like pizza or sandwiches, my bites are in twos; I can always tell you if I'm on bite number one or two, and I will often give away the last piece of popcorn or whatever if I'm going to end on an odd number otherwise. But even more than even numbers, I like factors of two: two, four, eight, sixteen, thirty-two....and even more than that, I like squares of factors of two: four, sixteen, sixty-four, and so forth. So if I can manage to consume something in four or sixteen bites, it's perfect. It makes me feel at peace. Yes, I know that's weird.

In addition to most likely having undiagnosed OCD myself, I happened to marry a man with diagnosed OCD. And we're about a hundred percent certain we passed it on to Kaylie. I know every kid likes to have a routine and gets upset when things are out of place, but she takes it to a whole 'nother level. Truly. (We have certain videos to prove it.)

Kaylie takes a closeable straw-sippy cup to bed with her for when she gets thirsty during naptime or nighttime. Earlier this week, out of the blue, she informed me that, "I always take FOUR drinks, then I CLOSE my cup and go to sleep." And sure enough, now that I know to look for it, I watch her on her video monitor every time I lay her down: after I leave, she sits up, reaches for her cup, takes exactly four sips, and lays back down. Every. Time.

Guys, I do exactly the same thing. I keep a cup of water by my bed, and before I go to sleep (and every time I get thirsty in the middle of the night), I take exactly four sips. Sometimes eight, if I'm really thirsty, but usually just four.

So, if I was ever worried that they somehow mistakenly sent us home with the wrong baby at the hospital, I'm pretty sure I could put that fear to rest now. She's definitely my daughter!

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