Sunday, June 15, 2014

The Walking Dead: Look at the flowers.

[Originally posted here on March 16, 2014.]

I spent the first fifty minutes of this week's The Walking Dead episode complaining to my husband about how the dialogue in this episode all felt forced and cliché, and the drama manufactured, and how this season's writing just overall sucks.....and then--BAM, the episode got good.

So, if you got bored and turned off your TV early this week, watch the end online. That was (by far) the most intriguing ten minutes of the season. (Which is still the worst season of the show, sadly. As much as I loved the first three seasons, and the concept overall, this season has been disappointing in so many ways.)

It's been nice having TV this year--we normally don't; we got a good deal for a year when we upgraded our internet upon moving. But the upside of The Walking Dead (the only show I watch live) sliding downhill is that at least it won't be as hard giving it up again. Kind of like how Matt Smith being the Doctor has made waiting for Netflix to put up season seven soooo much easier than if I'd discovered and binged on Doctor Who in the middle of David Tennant's reign and then had to wait....

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