Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Command center: take two.

[Originally posted here on May 14, 2014.]

Last time I showed off my command center, I mentioned that I intended to make some changes. Well, I finished that project a few weeks ago, and finally got around to taking pictures!

Our command center.

Looks pretty much the same as it did last time:


It's like a spot-the-difference game, right? (I'll give it away: I redid the sign at the top, abandoning my last name idea and moving the partial quotes from the calendar frames there instead.)

"It's more like a big ball of wibbly-wobbly, timey-wimey stuff."

The quote is from "Doctor Who". The calendars are interchangeable (I can erase the top one, move the bottom one up, and write up the new month on the now-bottom one), so, the way it was before, the "wibbly-wobbly" and "timey-wimey" would have been switched every month....which would have been okay, since of all the quotes in the world, this one about the non-linear-ness of time seems the most appropriate to be quoted non-linear-ly half the time. But I like it better now, both for keeping the quote in order and because it looks more cohesive than my silver-painted letters did.

Menu board.

By the way, I still LOVE my menu board (see my full tutorial here to make your own).

Finally having my own version of a command center was one of the perks I was most looking forward to about buying a long-term house after we moved here (I felt SO DISORGANIZED living in an apartment with only half our stuff for almost a year!). I had been pinning SO MANY ideas for it! I knew there were three things that we absolutely needed to maintain our long-term sanity: 1. a weekly menu board with room for a main dish, carb side, and veggie side; 2. two months' worth of calendar space, with room for multiple things per day; and 3. incoming/outgoing mail slots.

Notice anything missing?

There are two things you need to consider when planning out a command center of your own: 1. what you need, and 2. where you need it. The way our house is laid out, the menu board and calendar are on a wall in the kitchen about as far from the front door as you could possibly get. Which is not the best place for incoming and outgoing mail. So, as much as I like all those pins of one major command center where everything is organized in one place, it just didn't make sense for our house.

So here's the "other half" of our command center:

Outgoing/Casey/Sara mail slots.

Putting up mail slots on the wall between the kitchen and the entry was perfect. We bring the mail in, sort it in the kitchen, and file anything that needs follow-up into mine and Casey's respective slots, and anything outgoing has its own slot as well, and can be grabbed on the way out.

(Also, I abhor coat closets--especially when they aren't within arm's reach of the door; ours is upstairs. So we use coat hooks by the door, and shoe racks. My coat closet is now my second pantry, which is so much more useful!)

Kitchen command center.

The kitchen half is still the real "command center" in my mind, though. I love it!

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