Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Etsy sneak peak.

[Originally posted here on May 8, 2014.]

I've recently gotten back into crafting.....and gosh, does it feel good! I love making things.

...So I'm starting an Etsy shop. I haven't listed anything yet, but I just finished making the first two batches of what I intend to sell. Now it's just down to the logistics of getting the listings up and figuring out policies and such. But I'm so excited about finishing this first step that I thought I'd give y'all a sneak peek before I get them up for sale!

So, here they are:

Doctor Who TARDIS ribbon tag blankets.

Pirate ribbon tag blankets with coordinating burp cloths.

I'm sure you'll hear more from me once I've officially gotten my shop up and going. For now, thanks for letting me share! :-)

[UPDATE: You can now find my Etsy shop here, check out my Etsy page here on my blog, and follow me on Facebook!]

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