Wednesday, August 6, 2014

The perks of living in Atlanta: Part I.

[Originally posted here on May 17, 2014.]

I love Atlanta. We moved here from middle-of-cornfields-Indiana, and, while I've never considered myself much of a city person, it is wonderful to live within ten minutes of Olive Garden, Target, Costco, and everything else that isn't just Walmart (seriously, we used to hang out at Walmart, because that's all there was).

So, last weekend, we drove twenty minutes to the fifth closest mall to our house (not exaggerating): the Mall of Georgia. Just to hang out.

Kaylie picked her own clothes:

Kaylie asked to wear her Star Wars shirt and her pink skirt.

TOO. CUTE. I love that she paired her Star Wars shirt with a girly pink skirt. That's three-year-old fashion sense for you!

We went to the Disney Store (just to play), threw pennies into an indoor fountain, and ate lunch at the food court. There's a carousel in the food court, and our seats were right next to it, so Kaylie enjoyed watching it go around. She asked to go on it, and we explained to her that sometimes fun things cost money, and so we can't do them very often, so, no, we were not going to ride it today....and she was great about it. We had fun just watching it. But, as we were preparing to leave the food court, Casey discreetly checked out how much the carousel cost to ride.....and then we bought her a ticket.

First time on the carousel!

We didn't get any great pictures, because every time I asked her to smile at Daddy, she responded, "No, I'm just going to have fun." Ha! But she loved it....she kept exclaiming "I'm a cowgirl!" throughout the ride, and when it was over, she said goodbye to her horse.

The other one.

Wil never seems to make it into these posts, but he's getting cuter (I'm not a baby person). He was a doll waiting with Casey during the carousel ride, so we somehow ended up with better pictures of him than her at this point! He's a good kid.

"I want to go inside!"

Then we walked around some more, and we found a cardboard TARDIS in a shop window. Kaylie kept asking to go inside while I was trying to take her picture, and at first we thought she meant inside the store...and then she corrected us--she wanted to go inside the, too, honey.

Dancing with Darth Vader?  Flashing him, William-Wallace-style?  I'm not quite sure.

And then we met Darth Vader. Well, a cardboard version of him.

It's nice living in a real city!

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