Thursday, August 7, 2014

Etsy shop: Open for business!

[Orignally posted here on May 26, 2014.]

My Etsy shop is officially open! No more procrastinating. :-P

I just have a couple items from my first two batches up for now. Wanna see?

Doctor Who TARDIS ribbon tag blankets.

For your littlest Whovian.

Pirate ribbon tag blankets with coordinating pirate burp cloths.

And for pirates-to-be.

Head over to my shop, Little Dragonslayers, to see the full listings!

And if you want to see new products, then BUY SOME. ;-) Because I need to sell a few of these first. Next up, I'm planning similar products in "Firefly" and "Star Trek" themes!

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